What is a Gmail Lookup?

A Reverse Gmail lookup shows the name and social profiles of any accessible email owner.
This is a great reverse lookup search to learn more about a Gmail account to protect yourself from email scammers or add to your contact list. It also assists you in figuring out who is contacting you.

What Does a Gmail Report Include?

When the Reverse lookup tool matches a Gmail to a person, you may also be able to find other helpful information about the sender in the report. This may include:

  • names and aliases;
  • approximate age;
  • social media profiles;
  • work & education history;
  • criminal records;
  • known relatives;
  • property locations;
  • phone numbers.

See what others have found

Suzan Kyle

I was utilizing Gmail lookup for the first time and needed assistance comprehending the address issued to my account. I searched it and discovered information on the address that they were attempting to spoof. This was quite useful because I had no idea which email they would be attempting to use, but this made it very simple for me.

Christopher Decker

I’ve been using email for years and have never needed to utilize this service. However, I was recently called by a man who claimed to be a lawyer and promised to assist me with a specific tax issue I experienced. When I recognized this individual was a fraudster, I looked up the location he gave me on the internet. As a final option, I discovered this Gmail lookup tool. I entered my Gmail and chose the option to find out who he was, and this Gmail Lookup engine made it a breeze for me. Thank you so a lot for this engine.

Megan Woods

I just received a questionable email from another unfamiliar email. I was able to locate it by searching my email history. That’s when I learned I’d been handed a Gmail that had been stolen. Using Gmail lookup, I was capable of locating the individual behind this email, making it simple for me to take proper action.

Reverse Gmail lookup now


Spokeo can scan Gmail accounts to see who owns them and learn more about the owner.
It is a great Gmail lookup tool that discloses owner identity, location, and social network profiles and does a discreet search for rapid results.

BeenVerified is one of the email account lookups that examines dozens of social networks for profiles that match Gmail accounts, including photographs, friends, neighbors, and family members, as well as school and employment information.

It can look up contact information like phone numbers and Gmail addresses. The BeenVerified report may also contain court documents for possible criminal and civil proceedings if they are available. Gmail supports this reverse email lookup Gmail tool.

As a reverse Gmail account lookup search service partner, Peoplelooker has been able to search through billions of public documents to connect Gmail to the person behind it.

Gmail searches can expose the sender’s name, social media profiles, contact information, and physical location details.

PeopleSmart links you to your coworkers’ and extended networks’ professional profiles via their Gmail accounts. The service offers powerful software and email search capabilities designed for accuracy, speed, and usability that function seamlessly with Gmail.


How do I do a reverse search in Gmail?

Simply search the email using Google and click the search button. If the sender has registered with websites, forums, or other online platforms, Google will keep track of their names and other information.

Is there a free reverse email lookup?

Yes, there is a completely free Gmail email address lookup. But they cannot be as effective as paid ones.

How do I find the owner of a Gmail account?

Use special reverse Gmail lookup tools. For example, Spokeo, PeopleSmart or BeenVerified.

What is the best free reverse email lookup?

You can try free email lookup just in Google, but it doesn’t guarantee any results. There are some free applications too, but we know for sure only about the effectiveness of Spokeo and BeenVerified.

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