What is an Email Lookup?

An email address lookup is a search engine that can point you to the right person behind a sender’s email address.

Now and then, you may receive emails from an unknown email address. These email addresses may convey messages for marketing purposes or essential business information, or they could be phishing emails.

You cannot find the person behind these email addresses when you simply search with regular search engines. But a mailing address lookup will yield an instant checkmate and reveal anyone behind an email address.

One reverse email search is all you need to find out the contact information of that mystery person.

What Does an Email Report Include?

When using this website to conduct an email address search, all you need to do is to input the person’s email address in the search field. The reverse email search will run it against its data sources of social media sites, online profiles, public records, and other key details of the person.

At the end of your search, you get the details and information such as:

  • email addresses;
  • phone numbers;
  • court records;
  • public records;
  • online activity;
  • social media accounts;
  • criminal records;
  • employment information.

How can I use email search?

As an email lookup tool in search of old contact information

In a situation where you may have lost contact with old friends or family members, a reverse email lookup is a sure way to get their address, phone, and any other contact information.

As a person getting to know another person through email

All verified email addresses are connected to phone numbers. Social media profiles also require a current address to be restored or registered. This makes it easier to gain the true contact of the person behind an email address.

Verify information during a tenant screening

Giving out your tenancy space can be risky when you know nothing about that person. Reverse email lookup tools can reduce the risk with a few clicks and search results.

As a Google Chrome extension for email lookup tools

With a paid membership, you can install a Chrome extension for email lookup tools. This makes email search tools more convenient for a search on an average email user.

See what others have found

I got scammed a while ago, and all I had to show for it was the email of a person who didn’t reply to my messages any longer. I did a reverse email lookup and was able to get track down the person’s identity through many of their other email lookup tools.

I had lost communication with a friend of mine from high school. All I had left was an email he sent me from an email account he didn’t reply to anymore.

But after I did a reverse lookup on the email address, I was able to get his social media account and phone number. I sent him a message there, and we reconnected.

I had been talking to someone for a while, and she shared her email. Just to be safe, I ran a free email search. It showed me many other social profiles linked to the email.

I kept receiving emails from different addresses containing something called a CSV file. The email addresses asked me to open and install it, so I could update my device security.

It all seemed weird, so I used my favorite reverse lookup online tool to search for the person targeting my email. The person turned out to be my neighbor trying to hack into my emails.

Reverse Email address lookup now


This reverse email lookup tool can help you find someone’s email address through a phone number and vice versa. Some of its other tools allow you to look up names or addresses. It is fast and provides you with details on any person.

This is one of the websites that can help users figure out someone’s email address with their phone number. You can simply track anyone with their lookup tools.

This search engine offers more than a reverse phone lookup. You can search a person or property as well.

This website can help you look up professional email addresses, phone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles. They are very useful for acquiring business contact information.


How Do I Track an Anonymous Email?

Just paste it in the email lookup search bar. Provide the email, and the email lookup tool will show you the person behind the email address.

How To Lookup Email Address?

Insert the email address in the lookup email address search field, and you’ll get a report of all the personal contact information connected to that email.

Is Reverse Email Lookup Free to Use?

Depending on how much you use it. You can get a free trial, but you’ll need to make a paid membership if you want to enjoy the full features of the website.

How to Trace an Email Address to its Owner?

With an email lookup tool, you can quickly trace any person with an email address. Just place the email in the search engines.

How to Find the Owner of an Email Address?

Any person with an email address can be found with the use of a quick email lookup.

How to Search Email on iPhone?

Go to any email lookup websites with your iPhone and lookup the email addresses to find the person who owns it.

Can I look up someone by email?

With an email lookup, yes, you can. The email finder is designed to find any person with an email address. Your lookup will report social media profiles and any information on the person.

How do you look up emails?

All this is done through social networking and the consumer reporting agency of the websites. At the end of your lookup, you will be provided with personal details and public information connected to the identity of the person who owns the email.

What’s the best free email lookup?

You can try searching right in Google, but it doesn’t guarantee certain results. While there are some free applications, only the paid ones promise to give personal info as they work for your money, even it’s less than $1.

How do you look up emails?

One of the quickest methods to discover an email address is to utilize an email lookup service. All you need to do is input a person’s name and/or a website, and the program will search for the correct address for you. All this is done through social networking and the consumer reporting agency of the websites. At the end of your lookup, you will be provided with personal details and public information connected to the identity of the person who owns the email.

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